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Harvesting Yeast for the Pro Brewer

Why should I harvest yeast? The No.1 reason you should be harvesting yeast is simple: saving money. Commercial brewers can significantly reduce their production cost-per-BBL by harvesting their yeast just once – which often provides enough slurry for two subsequent batches. The savings pile up with each reuse. This is the main advantage liquid yeast

Pitch Rates

Our 5BBL pitches are propped to an industry standard pitch rate of 7 million cells/mL and should be adequate for ales up to 15°P (1.060 SG). For lagers, we recommend doubling your pitch size based on the number of barrels required (i.e. 10BBL Spot Yeast pitch for a 5BBL batch of beer). More questions on

How much yeast should I buy?

We sell yeast in 5BBL (U.S.) increments. Use our pitch rate calculator to determine the number of pitches for a successful fermentation: Pitches come with resealable lids if splitting the pitch is desired. Make sure to homogenize the slurry before using a partial pitch. Use spray sanitizer on the lid and package opening before reapplying


We have competitive rates with UPS for deliveries within the United States and to Canada. Spot Yeast ships Monday-Thursday. Orders placed by 1 p.m. Central Time will be shipped same-day. SHIPPING AND ORDERING POLICY ORDERING: Commercial Pitches are available to customers in the U.S.A and Canada. Yeast is not permitted for resale unless previously agreed

What is Spot Yeast?

Spot Yeast is professional quality brewing yeast for craft breweries that is available “on the spot” with no lead time. If it’s in stock on our site and ordered by 3 p.m. CST, it ships that day. Our industry professionals have decades of combined experience in the yeast industry. You can be assured you’re receiving