GB-326: Czech Lager – 5BBL

GB-326: Czech Lager – 5BBL


Substitute for WLP800, WY2001, S-23, OYL-101, L-28.

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This well rounded lager strain delivers crisp drinkability and smooth maltiness. Shines in styles like dark Czech lager, pilsner and Baltic porter.

NOTE: Spot recommends at least a double-sized (1 Million Cells) pitch for lagers and triple-sized pitch for Czech Lager (1.5 Million Cells). Please consult our pitch rate calculator for determining the ideal pitch size for your gravity and volume.

Substitute for WLP800, WY2001, S-23, OYL-101, L-28.

Attenuation: 72-77%
Flocculation: Medium – High
Alcohol Tolerance: 10%
Recommended Fermentation Temp: 50-55F, 10-13C

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Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7 × 7 in


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